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MMA Analyzing sync list

Post by JockHigh »

When I am syncing my Android to Windows PC MediaMonkey, every now and again, I get a screen

Analyzing sync list...

The snc then crawls throug tens of thousands of files - currently it says there are 16000 files it is analyzing.

I will definitely have 16000 or more files in MMA, and many more in MMW.

Why does it sync so many of them, and why is it so slow? 16000 might take 30 mins or more. I definitely haven't used 16000 files since the last sync. Usually the sync is for only a few tens or hundreds of files, which could reflect my listening and changed dynamic playlists since the last sync, but every now and again teh snc decides to analyze pretty much every file on MMA. It makes me want to look for alternatives, as this is painfully slow for no good reason.

Would appreciate any help.
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Re: MMA Analyzing sync list

Post by Peke »

Was there any firmware or SDcard change prior to showing those steps?

Usually those steps means that MMA and MMW lost tracks of paired info and reanalyze pairing.

I have tested and synced 50k of tracks at one point and only first time it do that not at later point unless there is major firmware update (eg. Andoid 12 -> 13) or I changed SDcard (to bigger one).
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