Tool - Aenima: Bad Channel Mix?

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Tool - Aenima: Bad Channel Mix?

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I walk around listening to music with one ear bud in, because I'm concerned about not hearing a car approach, etc.
Today a Tool song (H.) started playing and it sounded very strange, most of the vocals were whispered, and the guitar and bass could barely be heard.
I got home and put it in an mp3 editor to see what was going on with the mix, and just about every song on the album shows up like this: a loud left channel and a quiet right mix.
Was this intended? Tool is known for being tricky with their music but this seems like an odd approach to me.
So basically, I'm hoping someone can verify this for me by doing the same with their mp3s of Tool's Aenima (1996). Does it really have a weird channel mix on every track or do I have a bad rip?
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Re: Tool - Aenima: Bad Channel Mix?

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MM can't post process the tracks and remove/lower the volume of one channel. MM can volume level whole tracks eg. both channels, but not single one.
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