Clean uninstall?

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Clean uninstall?

Post by jfsturtz »

I attempted to uninstall MediaMonkey5 using the standard uninstall through Win 11 Settings. But it doesn't seem to be a clean uninstall.

For starters, if I right-click on a .mp3 file in Windows Explorer and choose Open With->Choose Another App, "C:\Program Files (x86)\MediaMonkey5\MediaMonkey.exe" still appears under Suggested Apps.

Looking through my registry, I see that there are still bewilderingly many references to MediaMonkey. Any way to fix this?

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Re: Clean uninstall?

Post by Lowlander »

A registry cleaner like CCleaner should be able to fix that.
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Re: Clean uninstall?

Post by PeterHatoz »

IMO, CCCleaner should not be needed ... MMW should cleanup stuff that it puts in the registry on uninstall.

According to ... diamonkey/, all file associations should be removed.

I also noticed that firewall rules for MMW are also left in place ... shouldn't these be removed too?

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