Cannot delete music files!

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Cannot delete music files!

Post by EclecticMusicMama »

Greetings; I have been using Media Monkey for over 8 years and have never had this problem. I've been trying to delete songs from the app for over a week now. When I click on 'delete' I get a pop up advising me to grant permission for internal storage, which I've already done because all of my music is available to play on media monkey. I grant permission anyway, and then a pop-up appears that 'internal storage was not accessed... I've cleared the apps cache, and data and also un-installed the app. When I reinstall and open it, all of the music is there without me having to grant any permissions. All of this happened after I reset my phone and restored my data because I have an extreme amount of music to download otherwise. Please help if anyone has a resolution!
Thanks in advance.
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Re: Cannot delete music files!

Post by Peke »

Can you please try with next MMA beta 1171+ (when it gets released) we have made some permissions improvements.

Can you also post some screenshots what MMA asked, do you use Native Android 11+ or some custom rom and what device is in question?

EDIT: Additionally I had many many issues on restoring devices where third party apps (MMA included) lost access to files/folders due the fact during restoration old permissions were moved too and they do not align with new device. End result was another restore and going thru sync :(
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Re: Cannot delete music files!

Post by rusty »


Regarding the files that cannot be deleted in MediaMonkey:
1) can they be played?
2) can you share the path of such a file? (you can tap-hold a track > tap Properties, and then see the path at the top of the Properties dialog)

Also, fyi, the 1171 beta which includes a fix regarding permissions to root folders, that may or may not be related to your situation. To test MediaMonkey beta builds, tap Options > About > Register for test builds. Once you're registered, then your next update will be to the current MMA beta. To update immediately, go to MediaMonkey in the Play store and click 'Update' for MMA.

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