Magic Nodes 4.2 w/ 380 masks & real GUI (2011-07-01)[MM2+]

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Re: Magic Nodes 4.2 w/ 380 masks & real GUI (2011-07-01)[MM2+]

Post by ZvezdanD »

Reading of the Usage section of the addon's web page is highly recommended. You could open it in your default web browser if you click on the version number displayed in the top-right corner of the addon's Options dialog box. Here is the excerpt from it:
"There are also three different ways to delete an existing mask:
1. choose Edit / Magic Nodes / Mask Settings, then choose the mask from the Caption combo box and click on the Delete button on the bottom of the dialog box.
2. choose Edit / Magic Nodes / Manage Masks, then select the mask(s) in the table and click on the Delete button.
3. right-click on the corresponding node in the Media Tree panel and choose Delete Magic Node command."

All masks will be removed during uninstall if you choose Yes when you are asked if you want to remove your MN settings. Also, when you install the add-on you will be asked if you want to import the supplied masks and, if you choose No, you would not have any MN node displayed.
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Re: Magic Nodes 4.2 w/ 380 masks & real GUI (2011-07-01)[MM2+]

Post by cokehearth »

Hi there,
I was wondering if this is possible with Magic Nodes:

A list of duplicate tracks (i.e. same artist, same title) where at least ONE of those duplicate tracks has the genre "90s Anthems".

So if there's ten tracks of "Cher - Believe" in my library, and one or more of those ten tracks has the genre "90s anthems", Magic Nodes will display all ten tracks.

My thanks as always!
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