Ampersands Not Appearing (RC4) [F4124]

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Ampersands Not Appearing (RC4) [F4124]

Post by durden999uk »

I have found that any ampersands (&) are not appearing correctly in RC4 - this may have been an issue before, but I've only just noticed it. For example, 'Rock & Roll Music' by The Beatles appears as 'Rock _Roll Music'. Apologies if this is a known issue.
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Re: Ampersands Not Appearing (RC4)

Post by PetrCBR »

Hi. I see problems like this in album art view modes. Will be fixed in next release.
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Post by Dirhael »

Was just about to report the same problem, so it's good to see that it's already on the todo list :)

Post by Guest »

Is it possible to have this expanded to all punctuation?

I've noticed that periods, commas and apostrophes are also skipped in this view mode.
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