Export/Create Playlists 4 Child Nodes 4.0 (2013-07-10)[MM2+]

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Re: Export/Create Playlists 4 Child Nodes 4.0 (2013-07-10)[MM2+]

Post by cokehearth »

ZvezdanD wrote: Mon May 15, 2023 3:25 am
cokehearth wrote: Mon May 15, 2023 2:56 am Does the enhanced version have the ability do this automatically? e.g. When loading up Mediamonkey, it'll export the Magic Nodes as static playlists within Mediamonkey?
No, it doesn't. Only nodes from the Playlists branch could be exported automatically, even with the enhanced version.

Export of nodes from the Playlists branch doesn't require the actual expanding/selecting of nodes and because of that it could be performed without affecting the use of the program, i.e. it could be performed in background, even on the startup.

However, export of other nodes (including the nodes from Magic Nodes) requires that such nodes are expanded and selected by the add-on one by one. Because of that, it is highly recommended that you do not use the program until the add-on finishes its job, if you export such nodes.

I have planned to allow automatic export of nodes from Magic Nodes, but such intervention would require too much work on both add-ons, Export/Import and Magic Nodes, which is simply not worth of my time.
That's fair enough. Thanks for responding!
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Manage Playlists between 2 PCs with synced subdirectories but with 2 different top folder headings. Music1 and Music 2

Post by snowbear416 »

How do l manage playlists (using Export Child Nodes to Playlist Files in a directory) specifically between two different pcs that have two different directory folder headings. Eg; Music Desktop and Music Laptop. But after that, they have exactly the same folder structures and .mp3 files
-synced from the title heading on down. -Playlists containing lists of mp3 files in m3u files)

I found the Options page and have tried checking and unchecking the Relative, Paths in Playlist files box, to no avail. When MM4 imports the playlists, while Scanning files to library, they all come out empty when opened. (On the other computer)

I presume the easiest solution is rename Title Directories to, same on both PCs; Music. Only problem is I'll lose half my playlists.
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Re: Export/Create Playlists 4 Child Nodes 4.0 (2013-07-10)[MM2+]

Post by IanRTaylorUK »

Hi SnowBear416,

I would suggest you take a look at the Add-Ons web site:

http://solair.eunet.rs/~zvezdand/Export ... desNew.htm

This will explain some of the details. Also, there are free and paid versions.

I think if you just rename the folders, then MMW4 will need to "Locate" the files in the new location.

Consider creating a new folder and using "Move" from within MMW4. I prefer to use "Auto-Organise Files" to move (or copy) files with the "Delete Emptied folders" option selected. Move can be used across a network from one computer to another.

Hope this helps.
Ian Taylor
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