Silence Between Songs v3.0 [MM3] updated 2010-12-26

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Re: Silence Between Songs v3.0 [MM3] updated 2010-12-26

Post by Eyal »

Hi Ian Werich,

I originally designed the script to work on MM3, but since I never upgraded to MM4 I could not test it on this version.
(Yes I'm still using MM3 and I'm satisfied.)

There's a fix made by user Armando so SBS will work fine on MM4, bypassing Error #424.
Look here as well as the post immediately following it: viewtopic.php?p=331698#p331698

I hope it helps.
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Erwin Hanzl
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Re: Silence Between Songs v3.0 [MM3] updated 2010-12-26

Post by Erwin Hanzl »

My version works WITHOUT Error#424 - Also, there is NO skipping of songs.

"Post by » Thu Jun 07, 2012 4:41 am
I have updated the MMIP file.
You can download it at ... ngs31.mmip

Please note that this is for MM4 only.
There is a new option called "STOP HERE".
Rename any song to "STOP HERE" (likely a short one) and the playlist wil stop at the next song after STOP HERE.
Very handy in cases you want to pause at a specific point in the playlist.
You can change the name "STOP HERE" in the options.

Onno Tabak"

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