Vision Skin v (07.01.2012)

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Re: Vision Skin v (07.01.2012)

Post by Peke »

Extract MMIP To Folder then Extract any MSZ to subfolders and you should see player.ini
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Re: Vision Skin v (07.01.2012)

Post by MMFrLife »

Peke wrote:Extract MMIP To Folder then Extract any MSZ to subfolders and you should see player.ini
I already tried that. However, the problem turned out to be that my Archive program (IZArc) doesn't directly recognize .msz .
I eventually remembered the rename trick to rename .msz to .zip > extract files > rename back to .msz > change setting in player.ini.

Thanks for the suggestions :D. All is well now!
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Re: Vision Skin v (07.01.2012)

Post by rrfpacker »

My understanding is the mmip is an installation package and you can't edit anything in there.

My process, after installing a skin, is to change the extension of the .msz to .zip. Then, open the zip with something like 7zip or winzip. Inside are a bunch of files. Find the player .ini, open in Notepad, look for the [player skin] section and change dock lock. Close, saving changes, change extension from .zip back to .msz and you are done.

Make sure you don't have MM running with that skin when you do all this.
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Re: Vision Skin v (07.01.2012)

Post by Erickem »

DreadM, this skin is absolutely beautiful! :o :o :o
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