Remote Speaker Output - Configuration Help Anyone..??

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Re: Remote Speaker Output - Configuration Help Anyone..??

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Re: Remote Speaker Output - Configuration Help Anyone..??

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any news on this subject?
I have a problem with rso too. first MM with rso plugin doesn't start. i dont have the code yet, but it started once and then it doesn't. just after the window that ask for the activation code, when i choose evaluate nothing happens.
also, about the splash problem, what should i do to deactivate it when MM starts automatically at startup?
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Remote Speaker Plug in - Configuration Puzzle

Post by sdelany »

I'm a newbie to MM, trying to configure Eric Milles' remote speaker plugin on my Windows 10 PC. The plugin was successfully installed, and when I configure for remote speaker output in the output plugin panel, my AirPort Express appears as the sole choice. I selected it (right click > blue backing), hit "apply" and closed out the configuration window. However, when I try to play, I get an error message:"no remote speaker was selected."

The player works fine on my computer speakers when "MediaMonkey Direct Sound output" is selected.
The AirPort express connects and plays when connected to itunes (I did disconnect it from itunes before trying to configure MM, and also tried to configure when connected to itunes. Same error message on mm either way).

What am I missing? Is there something more that I need to do to configure and connect to AirPort express?

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