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This post contains frequently asked questions re. MediaMonkey 4. It will be migrated to the regular knowledgebase once MM4 is released:

Why does my video not play correctly?
  • MediaMonkey 4 uses DirectShow to play video, first using whatever filters are in its directory, and then any filters installed to the system. This generally means that any formats that can play in Windows Media Player, will play in MM, and that if any playback functionality is missing, you can just install any directshow codecs/filters to resolve the problem.

    If you try to play a file that MediaMonkey doesn't support, it will generate an error, and refer you to an appropriate codec pack to resolve the problem. This functionality still has some bugs (e.g. AC3 audio won't generate an error), so in such cases your options are to:
    a) Install the MediaMonkey codec pack, which adds playback/encoding for most video formats to the MediaMonkey directory, though it's time-limited for patent-encumbered codecs.
    b) Install any standard codec pack (e.g. ) to the Windows system, to add most any other filter/codec for playback.

    If you're still experiencing a video playback problem, the following will help us debug the problem:
    - Let us know whether the file plays in Windows Media Player
    - Standard Debug logs
    - Report from Media Info - : This tool generates complete information about the problematic media file. Please set output format to Text and copy&paste us the result of MediaInfo analysis (Debug - Advanced mode gives additional details that could be helpful in some cases).
    - Report from Monogram GraphStudio - ... aphstudio/ : This tool indicates exactly what DS filters are in use when playing a file in WMP (i.e. what filters MM will use in case MediaMonkey-specific codecs are missing). File can be drag&dropped to it--send in the screenshot of the graph and an XML file (File - Save As XML). For advanced users only.