Can Someone Skin This?

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Re: Can Someone Skin This?

Post by lostinthought »

Aw Shucks! Tks anyways for the info Nohitter. I guess I have to stick to light themes where the bolding of the Now Playing track is at least noticeable...its too bad cause I just recently developed a love for the Metro Z skin
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Re: Can Someone Skin This?

Post by harryroy204 »

SonicNova wrote:HI All, Just wondering if someone could have a crack at creating the attached skin which I've screen-shotted from Music Bee. I love this simple black and orange skin, but somehow keep the WinMediaPlayer (not colors, but type) Controls at the bottom of my current player. Cheers, all.

I can't save the image here, but there's the link to the image.
Your provided flickr link is not working at my browser. why ? did you deleted ?
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