I switched to MediaMonkey, and this is why...

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I am also a convert and a re-convert

Post by dakinesteve »

I also have been using MM with delight for a couple of years, it is everything I want an need.

I have been playing with my PC as a Hackintosh for a couple of months now, and have to say you guys have a great product. I missed MM so much while in OS X. I now have Parallels running in OS X, which allows me to run Windows right from OS X. Now I have the best of both worlds and love it, and I have my Media Monkey too. Thanks for such a great product.

btw: iTunes on the Mac really sucks.
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Post by paulmt »

Why do I like and support Media Monkey?
I like the implied technical requirement to use it. Programmes like WMP assume everyone is an idiot and interface accordingly.
I like being able to individualise and re-configure MM so that it reflects my current tastes and moods. Personally I don’t like the new Winamp type skins preferring a more “business like” appearance. I am very keen though to see a new skinning engine for MM so that I an others can contribute our ideas graphically to other users.
I love MM’s database speed and grass roots understanding of the basic requirements of the people that use the programme.

It is refreshing to see the freeware attitude alive and well within the MM community and how exciting is it to see a new script posted, installed, used and developed.

I am very pleased that album art is now supported because for me the pleasure of music has always been shared with the enjoyment of the art, firstly on the LP sleeve, then the CD cover and now digitally, it is integral to my overall musical experience.

My collection has changed so much over the years, but not just in taste, also in the way I store my music. I now don’t keep the CD case preferring to store them in space saving album books of 180 each after I have ripped them to my PC collection. The PC is now the heart of my audiophile habit. Music is played out through my PC or to my HiFi with MM displayed on my TV.

So I congratulate all the developers and contributors to this programme and am very pleased to have become an MM user and tweaker.
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Post by jimmsta »

The reason why I bought a lifetime license to MM is simply because of its support for scripting, winamp plugin capability, and its similarities to Foobar2000. I was using Foobar before, and switched because of random crashes that seemed to happen too frequently. Let alone the fact that the core media player didn't support some formats out of the box, and skinning is non-existant (Without 3rd-party plugins).

The fact is, MM is easier to customize, and works right out of the box as I'd tweak my foobar installations to look and feel like. MM is an example of what foobar looks like after heavy custimizations are preformed on it. Except MM adds scripting support, and Winamp compatibility... which is why I switched.

I couldn't be happier with this media player. It does what I want, and doesn't crash (that much, anyway).
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Cannuck convert

Post by Diominiquean »

I converted to MM this summer and am loving it. Might even try my hand at some skinning...


Post by kilroy »

I originally used winamp, it played m4a wma and mp3 files, whereas windows media player wouldnt play m4a files. Eventually I tagged all my music and realized I would need to convert the m4a's. It took too long, so in the end I just deleted them all, and switched to windows media player which organized my music rather quickly, but I had trouble changing things my own way for more obscure bands and putting in my own album art and making it stay there. I just got your stuff today. WOW, it takes 3 seconds to update an entire album, the album artwork is better, and even if I cant find the artwork, I can add it in myself without any hassle. and I havent been kicked out once, and it plays the mp3's that windows media player "can't read"
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Post by thefaceman »

The user support... It is amazing.

The ease of use (and misuse)

Not a system hog on performing tasks.

Does not lock up like most programs

Does not have very many bugs

It has a FREE version (though I bought it eventually)

Sure I could add a few Critiques but I will leave that for a different thread

THANKS MediaMonkey for making my music life almost anguish free.

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Post by stankovic »

I didn't switch to MM - i will stay a foobar user (hopefully nobody is angry about that) But since i discovered MM i have big sympathy for this programm: I recommend it to others as an universal tool and i use it for special purposes (Data burning, some special scripts like "inconsistent tagging", SQL queries in Magic Nodes, ...). I am eager to see what MM 3 will bring.
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Post by Steegy »

hopefully nobody is angry about that
Your openness is very welcome.

Still too drunk...
Extensions: ExternalTools, ExtractFields, SongPreviewer, LinkedTracks, CleanImport, and some other scripts (Need Help with Addons > List of All Scripts).
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Post by martialartsguy »

Well, let's see - I tried Media Player and I hated the way it burned my CDs. So then I went to iTunes and got all of my (at the time) 13,000 songs rated, set for mood, etc. Then I upgraded and lost everything - all the time I'd put into my music. So I shopped around, played with some other tools, and eventually found MM. I used it for several days in '04 and fell in love. I purchased the lifetime membership (well worth it, btw) and have NEVER looked back. I'm still in the process of playing around with some of the scripts and all, but this program is one of the few that I HIGHLY recommend to all of my musically-inclined friends.

Keep up the good work - looking forward to 3.0!
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Post by chrisjj »

martialartsguy wrote:Well, let's see - I tried Media Player and I hated the way it burned my CDs.
OOI, what what the problem?
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Post by martialartsguy »

chrisjj wrote:
martialartsguy wrote:Well, let's see - I tried Media Player and I hated the way it burned my CDs.
OOI, what what the problem?
Well, granted this was an old version (circa 1997 or so) and I had issues with the way it made certain mp3s unplayable on other players (I think I used Roxio to play). They probably have improved on it, but I've moved on to MM since then.
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Post by chrisjj »

> it made certain mp3s unplayable on other players

Coo.... I wasn't aware that Windows Media Player made MP3s at all.

> I've moved on to MM since then.

I hope to follow!

Re: I switched to MediaMonkey, and this is why...

Post by Cosmos »

This is a "no brainer"! I am another MusicMatch (MMJB) convert. I used MMJB for many years (too many…7 years?). I kept using version 7.5 up until recently. I noticed that the CCDB would not recognize my CDs in MMJB and then I loaded a later version of MMJB...oh man, that was a joke! I then messed around with my computer for close to a day before I realized it wasn’t my internet connection but was a result of the Yahoo buyout! I was furious!!! I then searched around and found this Gem of a program…MediaMonkey (MM). I have around 82GB of mp3's (as of today) and it keeps on growing. MM is just heaven for someone that has a BIG collection. Again, a “no brainer” and the best thing since sliced bread!

I wish I would have discovered this program years ago!!! It would have saved me much heartache on tagging multiple albums, directories, and actually populating ALL tag data for ALL of my mp3's. I tried Itunes...which is horrible and too clunky. I also hate Quicktime. The apple ipod is nice, but their software needs improvement for itunes. Also, I didn’t know that Yahoo bought out MMJB and guess this is when it went to the crapper and Apple software isn't the best either. Thanks, Kudos, Prost, Cheers, and Much Appreciated MediaMonkey!!!!!...you deserve a forest full of banana's for a job well done! My only suggestion is to keep it light and worry free for years to come...that's the way we like it!

I downloaded the FREE version one day...tested it out for about 6 hours and purchased the Gold version right away...can't be beat! I missed my music collection for many-many years and IT IS FINALLY NICE TO ENJOY it once more!
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Re: I switched to MediaMonkey, and this is why...

Post by jedi1701a »

i switched to the great program known as media monkey 3 years ago i was tired of windows media player. so i started my search for a better player i tryed music match as a friend told me it was the best(lololololol littel did he know). so i did try it for aobut 2 weeks it was the worst thing i ever tryed it was slow and a memory hog on my system. so back to my search and i cam across media monkey thought well i will give it a try at this point i was thinking i would never find a good one. so i tryed it for a month and it was the best program i could find. so i bought the lifetime code i play never to change in fact when my friend asked me aobut how i liked music match i told him i hated it but i found better he tryed it now he uses media monkey also.

thanks to the guys behind this great program for if it was not for you i would still be trying to find the music program of my dreams well i found it thanks


The Jedi

Re: I switched to MediaMonkey, and this is why...

Post by PH3ARL3SS »

Media Monkey is by far the best media manager out there. Light weight, fast, exceptionally adaptable to my collection. I was an iTunes user, don't ask me why. I love to listen to music while doing everything and I am very picky when it comes to rating systems and organization. I was searching around on the internet for a program that could automatically organize my data so I could fix the botched job done by that system hog that is iTunes and I came across this program. It had rave review and now I know why. This program is groundbreaking in its ability to rearrange music so well in just a few clicks of the mouse. I was going to go back to iTunes after the reorganization of MM, but after that I decided to give it a chance and I fell in love. It synced to all my devices and did it well at that. To anyone that is looking for a simple alternative to their bulky, unorganized, ugly media manager check this bad ass program out. It's free and the full version is even more amazing!!!!
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