Crash after clicking on 'Genre'

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Crash after clicking on 'Genre'

Post by wormywyrm »

When I open MM8 and click on 'Genre' the genre page loads. Then all of the artwork populates. Then about 0.5 seconds pass. Then MM8 crashes. I have noticed perhaps a couple other places that MM8 will crash but the only consistent one for me is at the genre page.

Now, if I open MM8, click on Artists, let that load, then click back, then click on genre, genre will load without crashing and I can close MM8 and reopen and go straight to genre without it crashing.

Then a while passes and MM8 crashes and then I cant go straight into genre without further crashes. When I say 'a while passes and MM8 crashes', I noticed that one thing that tends to crash MM8 is when I pinch to zoom out on the genre page.

So this bug seems pretty complex and difficult to recreate, and probably has to do with the other crash bugs people have been reporting.
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Re: Crash after clicking on 'Genre'

Post by Lowlander »

I'm not seeing this here even with fast repeated pinch-to-zoom zooming in and out.
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