Device to PC = doubled entries on pc

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Device to PC = doubled entries on pc

Post by MaTzeTung »

when I connect my Android to the PC (Samsung S2 with cyanogenmod) the sync starts immediately but all songs I heard or changed anything in the tag written back again.
Normal path of a song is: S:\Musik\Bandname\Album title\Song, when listened to a song and changing the rating the song (or delete the song on the device) is written to the PC using the path S:\Musik\Music\Bandname\Album title\Song
Where is the setting to avoid this behaviour?
+ When I delete a song on the device I want this be deleted in my main libary, too

Thx in advance!
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Re: Device to PC = doubled entries on pc

Post by Lowlander »

In the Device Profile on the Auto-Sync (--> Library tag). However this shouldn't happen for MMW synced files as it should only update the tags in MMW (if allowed).

I suggest updating to MediaMonkey 4.1.3 if you haven't and if you still see it to capture the sync in a debug log (Step 4b) and send the log to support: ... ?f=12&t=89
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