[WIP] Material Monkey

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Re: [WIP] Material Monkey

Post by Onweerwolf »

It's been a long time since such a nice looking new skin was presented. Hope it becomes a reality. :D
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Re: [WIP] Material Monkey

Post by paku »

This is the best looking skin I've ever seen for MediaMonkey! Can't wait to use it myself.
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Re: [WIP] Material Monkey

Post by likebuddha »

Hello, guys!

Long time no see. Unfortunately, as you might've guessed, I will not be able to continue working on this skin. My PS license expired a while back and I don't have enough money to buy another (College books are expensive).

When, and if, I'm done with loans and all, I'll finish this project.
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Re: [WIP] Material Monkey

Post by gpzbc »

The gpzbc
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Re: [WIP] Material Monkey

Post by Peke »

That is the reason I switched to GIMP long time ago.

Foe MM5 you will not need PS that much at all.
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Re: [WIP] Material Monkey

Post by DreadM »

Hi likebuddha

nice draft ,
sorry but i think ,closer than this you will not get with the current skinning Engine:

to use 2 different icon colors brings some problems ,also different tab font backgrounds.

Peke wrote:Foe MM5 you will not need PS that much at all.
Can you tell us more about ?
I'm curious what comes with MM5 :roll:
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