Tips for sizing the player of a skin (Delletronic)

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Tips for sizing the player of a skin (Delletronic)

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I've been a long time user of MMW and also have dabbled a little bit in skinning, specifically I did some minor changes to the player-text in the awesome Delletronic skin.

Recently I've started using MM on my 55' TV in 1080p resolution, and while the fonts scale ok with 150% DPI scaling set in Windows 10 (I can't read it otherwise), the player size is hard-coded. I think this is a limitation in the skinning model of MM4. The player is *tiny* compared to the rest of the UI. The menu icons and search bar also does not scale but this of minor importance.

Here's an example:

Apparently DPI sizing will be better in MM5 but who knows how long that will take, so I am looking for ways to scale the player or even better to avoid skinning, some setting that will allow the player to scale some way.

Any tips from skinning experts or others on how to accomplish having the player larger? In my example there is plenty of space between the Artist/Album/Genre text and the right-most controls so a larger player would work I think.