Plans for casting to Echo/Alexa? [#15517]

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Re: Plans for casting to Echo/Alexa? [#15517]

Post by Ludek »

FYI: Alexa cast protocol doesn't allow to cast directly your MM library on your PC, but you can pair the decice via bluetooth. Then all the audio from your PC plays on the Amazon Echo device (no matter which player you are using on your PC)
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Re: Plans for casting to Echo/Alexa? [#15517]

Post by Zonky »

Possible solution. Thanks for the suggestion.
If however those devices are located anyware in the house, I doubt that BT will work flawlessly.

OTH, I understand that Amazon did technically restrict the access to their devices and you as the MM developers cannot do anything against this.

So, I will try to pair the nearby Echo device with my PC and see what happens and if this solution is handy enough to set it up for MM playback.

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Re: Plans for casting to Echo/Alexa? [#15517]

Post by Blackcat12 »

Is there any update from the development team on adding support for streaming to Alexa or has anyone found a workaround to stream elsewhere in the home? The distance between my PC to where I want to play the music is too far for Bluetooth.
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Re: Plans for casting to Echo/Alexa? [#15517]

Post by Peke »

Alexa cast is still not open enough in order to allow direct streaming from local DB.
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