Mp3 player that gets playlists

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Mp3 player that gets playlists

Post by ErKann »

Hi I am looking for a (cheap) mp3 player that recognizes the playlists I made in MM. I want to be able to assign one song to multiple playlists.

I read quite some posts here which also ask about compatible mp3 players, but they do not explicitly ask for devices that get the playlists correct. At the same time the playlists are barely mentioned in the answers. So I am unsure if it is obvious that the playlists work and that is why no one mentions them. So my question is whether all mp3 player with a playlist function will get the playlists of MM correctly and if not, which devices do. Or, is there maybe some way to no in beforehand whether a device will show the playlists of MM correctly?

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Mp3 player that gets playlists

Post by Peke »

What is the price range you are talking about and what Type/Format/Features(except playlists) of device you are searching?

In some cases I suggested for my friends to buy cheaper mobile phone (4.2") that have good music output and do not put the SIM card in it and use it in Airplane mode (ALL Networks disabled) where Battery last for several days, have MMA on it full sync, ... All depends on your need.
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