MMS directory and music options (and other misc stuff)

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MMS directory and music options (and other misc stuff)

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Confused about mms options.

MMS has mysterious --directory and --music options. I can't figure out quite how they work but I think I may need them. Do they play a role in telling MMS what paths a folder on the server might be mounted at on the client?

Also I noticed that when I sync all my videos (from a custom collection) are transfered to the local mm5 instance as audio tracks! and then they can't be played because there's no audio codec to play the video stream :D.

A sidenote: IMHO the UPnP option should be opt in, not opt out, but it's not a huge deal

My setup is thus:

MMS running on a server running fedora server 31
mms cloned to ~/Projects/mms
mms data dir as default: ~/MediaMonkeyServer
My RAID array is mounted to /mnt/data and has folders in it such as /mnt/data/videos /mnt/data/music /mnt/data/movies, etc

cronjob copies ~/MediaMonkeyServer/* to /mnt/data/mms/ each night.

Would you be willing to publish specifications for the MediaMonkey database format? I would like to be able to write custom tagging software and stuff like a tracker/windows search plugin.

Oh, and erm... thanks so much for all the work on MM over the years. Literally one of a kind. (it's literally the only media library management tool that can add new content at the limit of the OS api)