AudioBook not detected

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AudioBook not detected

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I have the app for android. I bought the module for folder detection ( I don't have the full premium).

My problem is, I declared some folders and the app detected all my audiobooks in folders. But I put a new one (it's a long one in mp3), and it's not detecting it in the audiobook section, but if I want to play it as normal audio, you can hear it

Do you know how could I resolve this? How does the app detects when it's a audiobook and when it's music?

I saw something about MMA in the forum etc, but not sure what means and also this is for android so not sure.

Thanks for the help!
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Re: AudioBook not detected

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Are you saying it is found under Artists or Album in MMA, but not in Audiobooks? What Genre did the file have before scanning? MMA relies on Genre to put it in the right section.
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