How to automatically build and publish your addon

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How to automatically build and publish your addon

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So, you just finished building your history-changing addon for MediaMonkey and are ready to share it with the world. The only thing left to do is to zip it and... HOLD ON! Why should you, of all people, have to do that? Every keystroke that flows from your porcelain-like fingertips is a gift to the world, there is no reason to waste this endless potential on laborious and time-intensive tasks like zipping a bunch of files when you can instead command the POWER OF THE INTERNET to do it for you!

(But honestly, woudn't it be cool if github could automatically create a new release containing a finished mmip everytime you check in new code?)

I set up a couple of my repositories like that and did a short write-up since it's a neat timesaver. The guide is available on github (because it's easier to attach files and images there) and outlines how to set up an automated workflow with github actions that takes all the files in your addon, creates an mmip, and attaches it to a (draft) release in the repository whenever you merge something to master.
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Re: How to automatically build and publish your addon

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Thanks for the guide! I think this can be very useful! :grin:
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