Column sizing

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Column sizing

Post by Deanooo »

Hi, I've been a MediaMonkey gold member for several years and love the app.

One thing that has been a source of frustration to me, as I'm quite OCD that way, is the sizing of the columns.

I've got a problem with column sizes being all over the place, and having varying sizes between different playlists. I'm sure I'm not the only one who prefers to have exact sizing in some columns which MediaMonkey makes almost impossible – after all, Windows File Explorer offers the option to insert a pixel value manually for each column, so the idea isn't new.

It would be great if there was a Right-Click function on columns where a pixel value can be added.

Because I'm a damn perfectionist and it drives me nuts sometimes, I find myself screenshotting the MM screen and checking the pixels for each column on Photoshop. It's painful trying to go for 200 pixels and it keeps moving between 199 and 201 :lol: :cry: because the mouse cursor just keeps hopping. Again, I'm totally aware this is an OCD issue, but nonetheless, the function is something addressed in Windows and certainly allows for a bit more control that I'm sure others would appreciate too. :D