Dedicated MediaMonkey Drivers

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Dedicated MediaMonkey Drivers

Post by danno50ny »

Everytime I need to sync my MediaMonkey MP3's with my iPhone it seems I have to dick around with iTunes and either uninstall it because the windows version of iTunes somehow got installed and re-install the desktop version of iTunes. Or try to install the iTunes drivers only which always seems to get mucked up between sync's.

It would be really nice if we didn't have to depend on IOS iTunes drivers to sync from MediaMonkey. I hope this is being consider in version 5 or sooner.
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Re: Dedicated MediaMonkey Drivers

Post by Lowlander »

I doubt this will happen, not even sure this would be possible. Have you tried installing the drivers without iTunes: ... ut-itunes/

It is recommended to keep MediaMonkey up-to-date and verify that MediaMonkey has a new release compatible with a new release of iOS.
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