.mp4 'web optimized' 'fast start'

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.mp4 'web optimized' 'fast start'

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Hello. On a home Windows 10 Pro workstation, I have set up MM Gold as a media sharing device with the server option specified by checkmark. With this, I serve to various LAN devices my music, audiobooks, music videos, and videos.

Re Videos, I have encoded my .mp4 files using Handbrake with “Web Optimised” chosen. This places the MP4 container header at the start of the file, optimizing it for streaming across the web(/LAN). Handbrake says this is also known as 'mp4 fast start'.

When I access the video files using the file system alone, the videos stream correctly, meaning they begin to stream immediately.

When I access the video files using the MediaMonkey server, apparently MediaMonkey does not pass on the information that the files are fast-start capable. Instead, the video app must first download the video file in its entirety, and then play it.

Is this situation meant to be? Is it just an oversight that MediaMonkey does not pass to the requestor the fast-start info, or is the MediaMonkey media sharing device not able to handle an immediate-play fast-start video as the format was intended?

Thanks in advance for the info. ITG
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