Remote Control for MediaMonkey 5

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Re: Remote Control for MediaMonkey 5

Post by Dancer »

Yes it works. You can manage volume, pause, next/back, mute and stop.
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Re: Remote Control for MediaMonkey 5

Post by hazzasb »

I have also been searching for a remote. I have not found anything as good as MonkeyMote, as you cannot start an album playing on your desktop (for example) and move through on your phone via the remote app.
Most DLNA apps (I'm talking apple app store here) will access and play the songs on MediaMonkey on your phone (as long as the ports stuff is correctly set up); however, not many will allow you to control the songs on the desktop (which may be connected to speakers or, in my case, wired to the rest of the house) and some which do (such as iMediaShare) have such poor functionality (e.g. only plays single songs not an album) it's not worth bothering.
The best app for iphone I found was 8Player pro; can access your library (a lot quicker than MonkeyMote, it must be said) and can play full albums, artists, playlists etc, with shuffle and repeat functions. The only limitation seems to be that you can't start on the desktop and then control by the app. Let's hope an update to MonkeyMote (or a better option) is forthcoming. In the meantime, this is the best I've found.

Re: Remote Control for MediaMonkey 5

Post by TikTok69 »

For what its worth, remote control of Win MediaMonkey via polished in-house android app or polished Android aware web server running on the desktop app is something I would also be happy to pay Pro for.

MMRemote etc were good as a stop-gap for covering remote control and MMremote is a great achievement for a single developer but something more polished and developed in-house would likely lead to a much better experience and should surely be the way forward in the long term.
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MonkeyMote and general plug-ins option

Post by raiche_g »

I recently installed the new version 5 of Media Monkey and now I cannot use MonkeyMote on my ios mobile devices. More precisely, the new version of Media Monkey do not have a general plug-ins option and so I did not find a way so that the gen_monkeymote.dll can be recognized by Media Monkey.

Is there different ways to deal with MonkeyMote? Or is it better to switch to another manner to get the content of my library?

Thank's in advance!
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Re: Remote Control for MediaMonkey 5

Post by drakinite »

So far we've had contact with the developer for MMremote, and hopefully we can assist them with getting support for MM5 in the near future. We haven't been in contact with the dev for MonkeyMote yet, but I'll do my best to find their contact info & get in touch.
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Re: Remote Control for MediaMonkey 5

Post by hintergrundrauschen »

drakinite wrote: Fri Nov 12, 2021 2:31 pm MMremote
One of my most used mobile phone apps until mm5 was released. Have been in contact, too, and I am still hoping.
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