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About MediaMonkey for Android

MediaMonkey for Android is an advanced media player for Android, that helps you manage and sync large music collections across Windows and Android devices. Key features include:

  • Wireless sync of track metadata, playlists, play history, and ratings.
  • Support for Music, Audiobooks, Podcasts, Video, ...
  • Supports replay gain, bookmarks, quickshuffle, 3rd party scrobblers.
  • UPnP/DLNA client with download manager.
  • Contextual functions for single/multiple files (e.g. play, queue, playlist management, delete, use as ringtone, share, edit)

Help Contents


Navigating the library

Working with tracks/playlists

Playback (Now Playing, shuffle, volume leveling, bluetooth...)

Sync MediaMonkey with an Android device


For advanced users see:

MediaMonkey for Android Beta Forum -- Download Beta
MediaMonkey for Android Developer Documentation