What's New in V4

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MediaMonkey 4 is a major release with quite a few changes.  This document summarizes its most significant new features (if you're looking for information about upgrading, see our upgrade FAQ):

Video support

MediaMonkey 4 extends its functionality to the realm of Video (AVI, MP4, WMV, etc.). It plays, syncs, tags, and organizes video files in the same way that it does for Audio.


MediaMonkey 4 makes it easy to manage multiple collections from a single UI. Whether they are Classical music collections, Movie Collections, Music Video Collections, etc. MediaMonkey provides a single UI from which all of these can be easily accessed and managed.  This functionality is based on the rudimentary 'Filter' functionality that existed in version 3.


MediaMonkey 4 allows you to share collections via industry-standard UPnP/DLNA so that your xBox, PS3, or DLNA-enabled television can play your music and videos. Similarly, MediaMonkey can now access UPnP devices to play content that might be shared by a UPnP server. In addition, the included download manager lets you quickly download content stored on other web sites.

Automatic synchronization

MediaMonkey 4 adds support for a variety of devices, so that transferring media is simply a matter of connecting.  Device 'Profiles' further improve the sync experience, by automatically configuring MediaMonkey with sync settings optimized for the device in question. Supported devices include iPhone, iPad, iPod, Blackberry, Android, and others.

New audio system

MediaMonkey 4 now offers higher quality / lower latency audio, via the Windows Audio Session API.

Portable mode

MediaMonkey 4 can now be run from a USB device so that you can take it, along with your music collection, to whatever Windows PC you're using.

Secure ripping

MediaMonkey 4 adds secure ripping to ensure that CDs are copied with the greatest accuracy possible by slowing down the discs rotational speed whenever inaccuracies are detected.  Furthermore, the final product is compared to an AccurateRip database to verify integrity.


MediaMonkey 4 adds tabs, allowing you to browse different parts of your library in separate tabs.

Easier than ever

MediaMonkey 4 adds a whole slew of usability improvements making it easier to use than ever before. These include: an installation wizard, automated download of languages / codecs, contextual toolbar, integrated file monitoring, new skins, etc.

Tons of Bug Fixes

MediaMonkey 4 includes hundreds of major and minor bug fixes, including resolution to a recent problem in MediaMonkey 3.x related to auto-tagging via Amazon.