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Open Skinning Competition

Post by aidan_cage »

What do you think about an open skinning competition? I was browsing, and started to think that a skinning competition could generate some pretty cool skins from some pretty incredible artists there. I don't know the logistics of it, but MediaMonkey is not even listed as a media player with an option to create a skin on the site. It could boost interest, popularity, new users, and new skins! ... lltime=yes

Anyway, I wanted to find out if there was a buzz around this idea at all. I am busy ending my semester, but would be able to look into making it happen in a few weeks time. All suggestions and ideas would be appreciated. I think that skinning is more of a scene within digital art communities, and breaking into that scene could work to enhance the users experience if cool skins like the ones we already have become more plentiful.

maybe I should poll this..

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Post by Steegy »

Good idea. Do you have some reward/prize in mind for the winner(s), or is that not really necessary in the scene?
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Post by aidan_cage »

hmmm.. I've never really been a scenester
I guess competition would be the wrong word, unless there was something organized
It would have to be some form of thanks with a couple runner up prizes
I guess there could be a gold membership, a lifetime membership, and an agreement to include the skin within the program as an initial option
--but I have no control over this scenario, or even to administer prizes (this whole thing is more of a promotional idea, but I wanted to see if other people thought it was a good one).

I can't offer very much more than ideas :( (oh, and smilies) :)

The skins would be voted on here in the Artwork forum, and there would be different categories, like usability, cohesive integration with panels and scripts, and beauty (of course).
Maybe this can't even be realized yet. I don't know if the skinning engine allows the kind of control necessary--I'm more a user than a maker, but I like a lot of the skins and ideas here, and I often see competitions going on around It could be good.
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Post by rovingcowboy »

with the amount of skinners beating down the door to finish the project skin you are going to need a boat load of luck on this. and the boat had better be a double hauled super oil tanker.

the skinning engine is limited in what can be done with the main player. there is no way to make it transparent like you can with the floating player. most the skinners over there i think are wanting to make the more free floating style of main players. they don't understand the use of the theme with the playlists and stuff, they mostly been making skins the old way with winamp and others that don't use playlists editors.

some have come by here and looked but won't do them because they call the skin more of a programmers skin then a skinners skin.

but like you i keep trying to get some to make some cool skins its going to be up to us to keep doing them i think.

they seem to be treating meidamonkey like a ba...terd child and putting him in a room all alone. just wait until this media monkey turns in to a 1000 pound silver back gorilla then they won't be able to ignore it. :lol:

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Post by aidan_cage »

cool cool
thanks for the feedback
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