MediaMonkey 5 plugin for Rainmeter

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MediaMonkey 5 plugin for Rainmeter

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One of the things I really grew to love when listening to music in the background while doing other stuff, is the NowPlaying plugin for rainmeter to display some basic information about the currently playing track on the taskbar. Unfortunately, that plugin is not (yet) compatible with MediaMonkey 5. Because not having this would actually prevent me from migrating to MM5 once it's released, I went ahead and wrote a plugin that works with the current alpha.

The plugin is compatible with both Mediamonkey 4 and 5 and supports all fields and functions of the NowPlaying plugin (plus a few additions specific to MediaMonkey), so existing layouts can be migrated with minimal changes.

To get the latest version, head over to the releases page on github.
Installation instructions, available measures and example configurations can also be found there.

MediaMonkey 5 is currently in Alpha Stage, which means that it's still beeing actively developed, so changes that break the functionality of the plugin could happen anytime. That said, unless some very basic functionality is changed, the plugin should probably be fine.
There are still some kinks I want to iron out, but I'm not planning on investing a lot of time until MediaMonkey has a release candidate or at least reaches beta status.
For MediaMonkey 4 the plugin should be stable, I have been using it since April on daily basis without any noteworthy issues.