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jiri wrote:Only the frontend (and few other parts, where it made sense) is implemented in Chromium. The backend stays mostly the same, with the necessary changes for MM5 new features and also some optimizations, so that some operations are actually quite faster than in MM4.

Hi Jiri
i have tried the beta version , haven't find any optimizations
sad , i would liked a mm5 like mm4 with several new features and bugs fixed
but the developed team does no care
just for example the opus support request is really out of date ,what 2 or 3 years ago , and the developer team had not add this amazing coder (open source)
well ,hope they won't kill the best media player for windows
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Re: does mm5 include Chromium engine?

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We try to implement everything important in MM5. As for OPUS, it should work fine, was implemented per http://www.ventismedia.com/mantis/view.php?id=12769. In case it doesn't work for you, please report it with a sample file and a debug log.

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Re: OPUS in MM5

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drughetto wrote:i have tried the beta version
You've tried an Alpha version. Alpha versions by definition aren't feature complete. There is still more to implement till they get to a Beta release. Technically beta releases are feature complete, but even in beta processes some new features may slip in.

Furthermore when it comes to adding specific features it isn't how long ago it was made that decides (there are plenty of 10+ years requests that would then take priority, whereas OPUS was requested 5 years ago), but instead factors like cost (codecs often require a license to be paid (opus is free)), impact on MediaMonkey if implemented (generally low for codecs), and the amount of users that request the feature among other factors (apparently enough for OPUS to be included in MM5).
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